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A trip away with Courvoisier Part #1 … The Chateau

Le Voyage de Courvoisier

A group of writers, bloggers and competition winners were asked to ‘take a leap of faith’ and drop everything for one weekend to do something totally spontaneous and par-take in a trip of which they knew nothing about other than they would be leaving the UK, and would need to bring their glad rags.. Continue Reading →

Fera at Claridges


Last week I went to Claridges Hotel in London to eat in the restaurant that has replaced Gordon Ramsay’s Petruse – Simon Rogan’s Fera. Rogan is quite literally a vegetable genius. His restaurant L’eclume has 2 Michelin stars, and his other venture Roganic is well on its way to achieving the same. It will without a doubt not be long until latest opening Fera follows in Michelin pursuit. I’d bet my BBQ’d salad leaves on it Continue Reading →

Brighton Supper Clubs & Tabl

photo 2

People sometimes ask me, ‘So what’s the current foodie trend?’ I find this question a bit cringe, as in my opinion if something has reached the point of being a ‘trend’ it is probably a bit crap, like Crocs, or ‘cronuts’.

Having said that, one ‘wave’ of food happenings I have noticed and am getting slightly addicted to is the pop-ups and supper clubs that are taking over London and now Brighton. Continue Reading →

Afternoon T at Boyd’s Brasserie, Trafalgar Square


Boyd’s Brasserie is glam.

Just a short skip from Trafalgar Square, it’s nestled in 8 Northumberland Avenue Hotel.
I can’t comment on the hotel itself, but the restaurant is opulent and inviting. A grand bar, high ceilings, glittering chandeliers and marble walls. It’s a nod to it’s Victorian roots.
I arrived THIRSTY on a warm July afternoon to try its freshly launched afternoon tea. Continue Reading →

On the roof with Q, Oxford Circus

photo 3

Camden grill restaurant ‘Q’ has arrived at the roof of Selfridges for the summer and aims to be the number one alfresco pop up in London.  I have to admit this pop-up is really impressive. Strutting through Selfridges department store and getting in the lift straight to the roof, met by freshly laid grass, open-air tables, deck chairs in the sunshine and glasses of prosecco and strawberries Continue Reading →

Sam’s Brasserie Chiswick


Sam’s Brasserie & Bar is a big bouncy beach ball of a restaurant, with colourful décor and a young, family friendly vibe.

This restaurant would be best described as a joyful all-rounder, with a welcoming friendly atmosphere, and the sort of menu that would appeal to the most fussy or basic eater. I went for the Nashville Hot Chicken with House slaw and Gherkin Continue Reading →

The Rib Man – London Baby!


The rib man is quite a character – probably not the expected poster boy for the food industry, but now I’ve got that out of the way I can talk about his delicious ribs and heart of gold.
I went to visit him on one of his many pop-up sites at Petticoat Lane market. Continue Reading →

BRGR.CO, London

photo 4

It’s burgers! And more dude food- dogs, slaw, pickles, you know the drill.
And this time we’re in Soho in a very well positioned corner slot which is cleverly picking up a lot of passing hungry customers. Open kitchen, clean décor, cow artwork on the walls Continue Reading →

Reform Social Bar & Grill

photo 1

If there’s two things the Reform Social Bar and Grill at the Mandeville hotel in Mayfair are getting right, it’s their cocktails and steak.
A knock-your-head-off  Noho by Nights gin dessert cocktail, and a mean bit of melt in your mouth rib-eye cooked on their prized possession – a josper grill. Continue Reading →

MEATLiquor Brighton

photo 3

‘Come hungry,leave drunk.’

That’s MEATLiquor’s strap line, and I’m not sure about most people but my experience was more like ‘Get the meat sweats after one bite and leave drunk and still sweating’. Add a headache to that too because the lights are so dim and the music’s so loud. It is like being inside a pinball machine. Continue Reading →