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‘Overtourism’ just made it into the Urban Dictionary. Sweet…

While I don’t have the mental capacity right now to disappear up the magic banyan tree and skip along the many cause and effect branches of ‘overtourism’, I do just want to take a moment to reflect on one aspect which spoke to me directly recently.

Many, many needy people are helped by and are reliant on tourism, and it brings instant gratification to those who need it which can be an amazing thing, but I really believe it must be handled with responsibility and care. And when we are dealing with vulnerable people, that responsibility comes from the giver, not the receiver. Continue Reading →

Solo Movement Musings

Standing at a busy local Sri Lankan bus station, caught unprepared given the looming position of the front facing sun, waiting for an already late bus to hopefully arrive, I wonder how much longer my body will physically allow me to wait in this heat. No shade available if I want to keep an eye on the bus stop, sweat starts to trickle down the backs of my knees. The locals all stand sheltered by the umbrellas they were prepared enough to bring out with them to the bus stop today. Continue Reading →

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh.
The most densely populated city in the world, in a country suffering unbelievable hardships from the effects of flooding, and what at the time seemed like creeping, inescapable poverty.
I took the following snaps wandering about in Dhaka, 11 years ago, a solo teenager with my Canon350D.
I’d spent the last few years working in my local Oxfam shop, which I’d trundle down to on the bus when I was done at college for the day. Continue Reading →

A speed date with Theva Residency, Kandy

The first thing that leaps to mind when re-calling my ‘speed date’ with Theva, is the delightfulness of its staff. Yes it was a quiet time of the year which helped, but every single one of the staff there were just so, well, how can I put it – sincerely helpful.
From Wajira who greeted me on arrival and made the joke I’m sure he makes to every single guest about free-diving out of my bedroom window into the pool below, to big Russell on reception who was by far the most competent hotel manager I have met since living in Sri Lanka. I was lucky enough to also have a restaurant waiter follow me about taking photos of me I was rarely happy with, and a pool maintenance assistant direct me in my infinity pool-sauna-pool-steam room schedule. Continue Reading →

Ashburnham Tea Estate, boutique hotel review, Sri Lanka.

Although disappointed to no longer be able meet the on-estate elephant (don’t even ask), I was instead enchanted to meet Mr Das, who after managing this spectacular working tea estate in the hill country of central Sri Lanka for TWENTY FIVE whole years, may aswell have been the elephant. And what a great tour of the plantations it was. I am a big fan of tea, in fact, I think pausing for a tea pit-stop has stopped me from making more then one terrible decision in my life. I firmly believe that 9 times out of 10, when you think you’re having a nervous break down, really what you need is a good cup of tea and a biscuit.
Arriving at Ashburnham Estate, or ‘Ash’ as the cool kids call it, Continue Reading →

Rukgala Retreat AKA paradise, Sri Lanka.

I have oh so modestly coined this boutique hotel adorning the side of a cacti covered rock just outside of Kandy ‘paradise’.
Of course there is always trouble in paradise, but this place does a pretty good job of never letting any show. Continue Reading →

Stumbling up the path of yoga. Goa, January 2018.

I’m not sure if I could have been in more of a mess when I turned up to the first morning of my month of yoga teacher training at Sampoorna yoga in Goa.
I could dance around the point here to never truly land on it, but to put it bluntly, I have never disliked myself as much as I did on the lead up to getting on the plane to head off to begin the next chapter of my life, a chapter that once had been a fantastical fictional dream, a faraway glisten in my eye whenever I talked about it, a chapter I worked so bloody hard to save up for, a chapter that now, sadly, I wasn’t even sure I still wanted to begin to write. Continue Reading →

Ted Cat

I was probably about 5 years old. Walking home hand in hand with my mum from school, grazed knees and what at the beginning of the day had been a neat plait in my hair. Out of nowhere, mum let out a shriek, let go of my hand and ran ahead to something lying deadly still in the road. It was our beloved cat; Bill. Dead. Stone cold dead. Continue Reading →

Tetley tea tasting with a mad Scottish chef on a river in France

Those lovely tea botherers at Tetley recently sent me (well actually it wasn’t that recent, they’ve just been hanging around for far too long on my bedroom floor, unfortunately looking like condom wrappers), some of their new ‘Indulgence’ flavoured tea bags to sample in four different varieties. Black teas with a blend of spices to be taken with or without milk – and hopefully without sugar, the aim is to replicate indulgent treats while being, well, tea. Continue Reading →

How not to be a dick while staying in a hostel

I’m three quarters of the way through my backpacking trip in central America, and as I sit here in my pants eating refried beans from the tin, I’m reflecting on my experiences in hostels, which if I really think about it, has been the dominating factor of this trip. Continue Reading →