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Archive for May, 2017

Tetley tea tasting with a mad Scottish chef on a river in France

Those lovely tea botherers at Tetley recently sent me (well actually it wasn’t that recent, they’ve just been hanging around for far too long on my bedroom floor, unfortunately looking like condom wrappers), some of their new ‘Indulgence’ flavoured tea bags to sample in four different varieties. Black teas with a blend of spices to be taken with or without milk – and hopefully without sugar, the aim is to replicate indulgent treats while being, well, tea. Continue Reading →

How not to be a dick while staying in a hostel

I’m three quarters of the way through my backpacking trip in central America, and as I sit here in my pants eating refried beans from the tin, I’m reflecting on my experiences in hostels, which if I really think about it, has been the dominating factor of this trip. Continue Reading →