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Archive for January, 2019

Solo Movement Musings

Standing at a busy local Sri Lankan bus station, caught unprepared given the looming position of the front facing sun, waiting for an already late bus to hopefully arrive, I wonder how much longer my body will physically allow me to wait in this heat. No shade available if I want to keep an eye on the bus stop, sweat starts to trickle down the backs of my knees. The locals all stand sheltered by the umbrellas they were prepared enough to bring out with them to the bus stop today. Continue Reading →

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh.
The most densely populated city in the world, in a country suffering unbelievable hardships from the effects of flooding, and what at the time seemed like creeping, inescapable poverty.
I took the following snaps wandering about in Dhaka, 11 years ago, a solo teenager with my Canon350D.
I’d spent the last few years working in my local Oxfam shop, which I’d trundle down to on the bus when I was done at college for the day. Continue Reading →