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A speed date with Theva Residency, Kandy

The first thing that leaps to mind when re-calling my ‘speed date’ with Theva, is the delightfulness of its staff. Yes it was a quiet time of the year which helped, but every single one of the staff there were just so, well, how can I put it – sincerely helpful.
From Wajira who greeted me on arrival and made the joke I’m sure he makes to every single guest about free-diving out of my bedroom window into the pool below, to big Russell on reception who was by far the most competent hotel manager I have met since living in Sri Lanka. I was lucky enough to also have a restaurant waiter follow me about taking photos of me I was rarely happy with, and a pool maintenance assistant direct me in my infinity pool-sauna-pool-steam room schedule.
How very ridiculously indulgent.

With just 24 precious little hours at Theva, I endeavoured to make the most of it. I’m talking hotel robe from the moment I arrived, french fries room service, pool-steam-room-sauna rituals, sickly sweet Singapore Slings on deck, and what could be the most ridiculous indulgence of them all – a private bubble bath jacuzzi in my room with the floor to ceiling sliding windows open, looking out over a fast approaching night-time Kandy cityscape. Small tip – you really don’t need to add much bubble bath to a jacuzzi…

Time to myself is like liquid gold – precious and not on a lenient timer. To spend this gifted time at Theva was a smart choice.
Boutique hotels are my thing, and Theva reminded me why. Character in the property, staff and it’s 15 rooms, quirky food and drink offerings and an overall feeling of homely safety and uniqueness. I couldn’t finish without mentioning how well the space lends itself to nature, or is it the other way around… A big tick in the box. Thank you for having me. <3

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