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Am I the only person who went to India and got fat?

I’m back in Varkala and it’s been a crazyyyyy few weeks. Fresh after the monsoon, in fact it’s been raining along with the most OTT thunder storms every day. The horizon and the sea blurs together as the storm marches over the water and fifteen minutes later, the heavens open. The thunder is so loud I keep having to check if I’ve been shot or not.
The team here at Soul & Surf have been working at double speed to get everything up and running and guest ready. Of course making time for the odd trip to the hospital.
What is it about Asia that instantly makes you accident prone? I go MONTHS in the UK with nothing untoward happening to me, but in one WEEK here in India I’ve hedged a scooter twice, fallen down a flight of stairs and given myself a 2nd degree burn. Everything is an accident waiting to happen, I am an accident waiting to happen.

The hotel has just opened, and although the sprint we had to do before we even reached the starting line has clouded our minds somewhat, on looking back at all we achieved, we did good.

I was setting up the café, and to see my ideas actually now in functioning, money-making existence is a happy happy thing.

We are making some delicious, raw, vegetable based cakes and sweet treats perfect for people wanting an energy boost before or after yoga.

My Green Goddess juice of apple, lime, coriander & spirulina has made its way onto the menu and looks awesome in it’s a little bit pretentious but not really jam jar. And people love it.

The same with my jasmine & lemon iced tea recipe, which was inspired by a trip to the street food stalls in Vietnam.

The ingredients you can find in funny little shops here is mind-blowing.
Old run-down shacks that have an array of sweet shop style jars behind their grubby counters which are selling middle class yummy mummy crack like spirulina, wheatgrass and vanilla pods, all for under £5. A vanilla pod cost me 40p?! Take note Tesco.
So with such amazing ingredients so readily available it’s been super easy and rewarding making things like homemade vanilla syrup with real vanilla pods to add to our drinks menu, featuring in the iced coffee & iced chai.

All exotic fruits and spices are really affordable here, so finding out the best prices and products has been a crucial part of figuring out the café menu.

We have come up with some amazing new recipes for breakfast and lunch.
Two of my favourites have been the cooled coconut porridge with banana, tahini, dates, cashews & date syrup, and the fish taco recipe with masala batter and pineapple chilli dip is incred. I think I’m the only person who went to india and got fat.

As are the dogs on our street, I’m feeding them leftover pizza, and to see a ravaged manged dog with a slice of margarita pizza hanging out of its mouth is a joyful joyful thing. But no one must ever, ever find out about it.

Enjoy the photos X







Keralan Thali Lunch

Keralan Thali Lunch

Coconut Dhal & Pakora

Coconut Dhal & Pakora

Fish Tacos

Fish Tacos

image12 image9 image8 image6 image4 image3



Cooled coconut porridge with banana, dates, cashews & tahini


Mezze Plate

Mezze Plate

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