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Bajan Booty

Ahhhhh the Caribbean.
I’ve travelled a bit and seen quite a few beaches, but the Caribbean’s idea of ‘Paradise Beach’ I’m pretty sure is on top. White sand, see-straight-to-the-bottom calm turquoise waters and – take note Asia – mostly rubbish free coastlines.

Don’t get me wrong I will always look back fondly on my time on the coast in Kerala, India, and how I would happily just bob about in the brown sea with various plastic containers, shoes and once even a dead dog for company. Taking care not to go in if I had any open wounds of course, and being almost enchanted the morning I found a tic on my inner thigh. Ahh memories!

Well fast forward a few months and here I am on the coast in Barbados, St James, where even ‘Simon Cowell has a house you know’ my mum gleefully announces. The beaches are pristine, the houses are like cute little sugared almonds on stilts, the beer is always cold and doesn’t contain mostly glycerin, and the people are gorgeously glowing and would give you their last Rolo friendly.

3 things I fully appreciated in Barbados; FRIED CHICKEN, RUM PUNCH & BOOTAYYY.

If you were lucky you got to have all 3 in one afternoon. The Bajan’s love their chicken, unfortunately there’s a KFC on every corner, but if you avoid this and eat on the street, you can find some delightful home cooked fried chicken, often served with macaroni pie. Heart attack beach lunch. I found the below take away chicken delight on Gibbes Beach.

Rum is a favourite tipple of mine, I couldn’t even carry my bag on the way home because it was so laden with Mount Gay. I hope to be drinking it forever. The rum punch in Barbados will knock your head off. Surprised at the silliness of my family members after a day on the Jolly Roger pirate ship (that’s another story) my sister explained it by saying “Well, they’ve never been RUM drunk before, it’s a whole other ball game”. And believe me it would appear rum punch drunk is, indeed, like getting drunk again for the first time. Glorious!

Saving the best til last, all that fried chicken is producing some seriously enviable booty over on that little island (please don’t sink)
A curvy girl myself, my curves were relatively insignificant in comparison. Work it girls! You’ve never seen booty moving like I did on that pirate ship, 5 Bajan rums down. Boom.

CHICKEN IMG_4201 IMG_4202 IMG_4203 IMG_4216


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