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Breakfast Lunch Tea, How to Boil an Egg

Rose Carrarini, the star baker and business-woman behind Parisian bakery Rose Bakery, has now published two cookery books, the most recent one How to Boil an Egg, features 80-something recipes in which eggs are the ‘star’, starting from the basics of how to actually boil an egg and make simple dishes like omelettes  to more scientific egg use such as making the perfect hollandaise sauce, or eggs in baking such as scones and muffins.

We recently filmed a 60secondreview of How To Boil an Egg:

The most incredible thing for me about this book is the pictures, photo’s on first assumption, drawings on closer inspection, incredible:


I was given Rose Carrarini’s first book Breakfast Lunch Tea for my birthday, and was just as impressed by this book as I was with the most recent edition. It doesn’t feature the same image style as How to Boil an Egg but instead has some beautiful snap shot style photo’s that introduce you to the bakery, Rose, the food and its staff and customers. The recipes are relatively basic but famously perfected, things they make and sell in the Parisian bakery. It is, as titled, labelled into secions of Breakfast, Lunch and Tea, and has some really intriguing alternative recipes such as broccoli cake and asparagus and almond salad. It also has safe, typical recipes such as chocolate cookies and scones, but with some nice twists like adding blueberries and lemon zest to the scones.




I tried the blueberry scone recipe, and made a couple of minor adjustments for personal taste and part experiment, including trading in the zest of a lemon for the zest of 2 x limes, and some of the milk for greek yogurt. This created gorgeous little green zesty pieces in the scones, mixed with the blueberries they looked and tasted beautiful.

I also cooked the mushroom risotto from this book, which was incredibly easy and SO tasty I have eaten it twice this week already… I added some chorizo and spinach which worked really well with the other ingredients. This book is great because it is so simple and a lot of the recipes are staples that you can add things to if you want to make them a little bit more exciting.



You can buy the books here at Foyles

Watch a 60secondreview on How To Boil An Egg here:

How to Boil Egg @60secbooks from 60secondreviews on Vimeo.

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