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BRGR.CO, London

It’s burgers! And more dude food- dogs, slaw, pickles, you know the drill.
And this time we’re in Soho in a very well positioned corner slot which is cleverly picking up a lot of passing hungry customers. Open kitchen, clean décor, cow artwork on the walls… You know the usual. Light and pleasing enough. You can sit in the window on bar stools or pick a table towards the back. My friend and I decided to sweat it out in the window (beware it gets very hot on a nice day)

We were impressed with the majority of the food we tried at BRGR.CO (pronounced Burger Co.), light delicious buttermilk onion rings, the burger and hotdog got a nod of approval and the specials board looked quite exciting featuring special slow cooked meats. Prices are also reasonable. Too full for dessert, our friendly waiter insisted we try the house special ‘dessert burger’, like a burger, but a dessert, how fun…

What followed was the most extraordinary ‘dessert’ I have ever seen. A burger bun – a white bread bun – dusted with icing sugar and containing whipped cream, jam, lumpy custard

and some sort of unidentifiable ice cream which looked exactly like goats cheese.

It would have taken the same amount of effort and had the same feel of peeling a banana, dropping it on a plate and covering it in squirty cream. Not good.

If your passing on a lunch break and you stick to the meat you shouldn’t be disappointed, although I if I went again I would definitely get the grub to take away, the music is too loud and the open kitchen makes things a bit hot and sweaty… With a lot of burger places open in London it’s a little hard to say why I would recommend this over the rest.


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BRGR.CO @60secdine from 60secondreviews on Vimeo.

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