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Brighton Supper Clubs & Tabl

People sometimes ask me, ‘So what’s the current foodie trend?’ I find this question a bit cringe, as in my opinion if something has reached the point of being a ‘trend’ it is probably a bit crap, like Crocs, or ‘cronuts’.

Having said that, one ‘wave’ of food happenings I have noticed and am getting slightly addicted to is the pop-ups and supper clubs that are taking over London and now Brighton. Summer’s coming and people are dusting off their dining attire and getting out and about in the light evenings, and dare I say it- even going solo to mingle at some of Brighton’s newest supper clubs.

Local hero Tina of Cantina supper club has been riding this wave since 2011, organising and catering for groups of up to 18 at her fabulous Brunswick house supper nights in Hove.

Another chef to watch is Ed Heller, having taken over the Brunswick pub, The Manor café, and now the Fiddler’s Elbow pub, his passion and dedication to food is hard to ignore. With his own micro-farm, he grows most of his own produce – field to fork stylee. He has begun his own supper club, of which I have had the pleasure of attending twice.
The most recent being his ‘Nose to Tail’ evening held at The Manor café in the north laines. He butchered a rare breed white pig, of which he wasted nothing, we delightfully chewed through 7 courses of pork, from pâté to scotch eggs to belly to ribs.
Ed hates to see anything go to waste, and all of that pig will be used! It’s impressive stuff. Inside secret – Ed supplies the famous Rib Man of London with the chillies which make his famous ‘Holy Fuck’ sauce from his farm.

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The local restaurant scene is being shaken up, with chefs chopping and changing, joining pubs and starting up private little businesses which are getting people like me very excited indeed. La Choza Mexican has joined forces with the Hare and Hounds pub, Indian Summer is now running the kitchen at The Duke of Norfolk in Norfolk Square, and two of the chefs from The Chilli Pickle have started up The Curry Leaf Café on Ship Street which is causing some real excitement among hungry and thirsty Brighton-ers (they have partnered with Brighton’s Craft Beer Co.) Where they will be holding special evenings of food and beer matching.

New start-up Tabl have gobbled up a gap in the market as the new go-to place for booking and finding out more about these events and the chefs involved. It’s like a little secret list of the most exciting eating opportunities in Brighton. I’m in.

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