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In a nutshell, The Bunny chow is a bread roll hollowed out and filled with some sort of tasty, juicy often curried filling. The ‘Bunny’ was invented in Durban, South Africa for the Indian workers to take a packed lunch who didn’t own cutlery or a lunchbox. Their lunch of tasty Indian curry would be spooned inside a hollowed out bread roll or loaf, keeping it safe and contained until lunchtime.

Starting life as a pop up food truck parking wherever they could in London without getting a fine, Bunnychow has now established itself in Shoreditch Box Park,  serving ravenous Londoners ‘Bunnies’ with a range of fresh fillings.

Some work better than others – The Monkey Gland – juicy meatballs covered in a tomatoey south African monkey gland sauce. Topped with fresh herbs and peppers – really fresh and filling. Other choices like pulled pork (yes I know it’s everywhere) and haddock chowder (don’t knock it til you’ve tried it) worked really well, but a Lincolnshire sausage and gravy not so much.

The staff were really helpful and wanted to hear our opinions, they explained that some of the fillings were on ‘trial’ so if you go do feel free sure to share your suggestions.

When faced with my Bunny I really had no idea how to eat it, do I tear it, scoop it, dip it? Fingers vs forks seems to be the hot debate when it comes to these little bready bunnies.

Originally eaten by hand, I found the best way was to eat some of the tasty filling with a fork and then pick up the rest and eat as you would a burger. The bread soaks up the sauce and it’s delicious. Perhaps not ideal for a first date!

It’s a fast, filling lunch for when you’re on the go, but be warned it is heavily bread based. I really enjoyed trying something different for lunch, I’ll be going back for sure.

Take a closer look at the Bunny in all its glory in my 60secondreview:

Bunnychow @60secdine from 60secondreviews on Vimeo.

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