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Drinking Aqua Riva tequila with Cleo Rocos

I love tequila. I love Cleo Rocos. I love Brighton. So this event with chums from Brighton Food Society I was ultra keen for.

Cleo has launched a super-tequila, it is totally pure, made from just Mexican agave and spring water, and it tastes delicious. Like I said I love tequila anyway, although have to be honest I enjoy tequila mostly towards the end of a night when I have been drinking a concoction of other drinks, and am too blurry eyed Continue Reading →

Breakfast Lunch Tea, How to Boil an Egg

Rose Carrarini, the star baker and business-woman behind Parisian bakery Rose Bakery, has now published two cookery books, the most recent one How to Boil an Egg, features 80-something recipes in which eggs are the ‘star’, starting from the basics of how to actually boil an egg and make simple dishes like omelettes  to more scientific egg use such as making the perfect hollandaise sauce, or eggs in baking such as scones and muffins. Continue Reading →