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Tetley tea tasting with a mad Scottish chef on a river in France

Those lovely tea botherers at Tetley recently sent me (well actually it wasn’t that recent, they’ve just been hanging around for far too long on my bedroom floor, unfortunately looking like condom wrappers), some of their new ‘Indulgence’ flavoured tea bags to sample in four different varieties. Black teas with a blend of spices to be taken with or without milk – and hopefully without sugar, the aim is to replicate indulgent treats while being, well, tea. Continue Reading →

Death by soufflé; A Parisian tragedy

Bonjour, it’s me again, still in France, but this time I’m bothering that little suburb called Paris.

Now as most of you will know, being Cornish it doesn’t come naturally to me to feel comfortable being anywhere but down South, but, I shit you not, here I am, having a good time and everything, up here in CENTRAL France. Continue Reading →

That Gypsy Lyf

There’s a breath of something new in the crowded Canggu café air.
Bonjour and welcome Gypsy Bali!

Another café! you sarcastically cheer, yep, well this ones a little different, with a little more personality and a little more diversity on its short and fresh menu. Continue Reading →

Café Cruising in Canggu

Here I am in Canggu, Bali.

Let’s get this out of the way quickly, why is everyone in Canggu so impossibly good looking? Is it the Kombucha juice? The sunset Bintangs? The gold facials?

If there was a town or village that had managed to coin the phrase ‘casually coiffed’ it’s Canggu. Continue Reading →

Am I the only person who went to India and got fat?

I’m back in Varkala and it’s been a crazyyyyy few weeks. Fresh after the monsoon, in fact it’s been raining along with the most OTT thunder storms every day. The horizon and the sea blurs together as the storm marches over the water and fifteen minutes later, the heavens open. The thunder is so loud I keep having to check if I’ve been shot or not. Continue Reading →

It’s Soooo Hotttttt

What else could possibly be the title for my latest post than this? It has reached the mid – high 30’s and yesterday I challenged myself to go the whole day without saying ‘It’s sooo hottt’.. and lasted until 11am.

Festival season is in full swing here and it isn’t unusual to come out of the house and have to stop and wait 30 minutes for a series of jazzed up elephants to pass by, snacking on bananas and jack fruit handed to them by the neighbours. Continue Reading →

Welcome to India

As the first two months of my trip to India draws in, I think I’m in a good position to give a quick round up of what I’ve seen so far.

I’m going to keep it brief, and let the pictures do most of the talking…

After a very long journey from Heathrow – Mumbai – Thivandrum – Varkala (Kerala) I finally arrived at Soul & Surf and to the little piece of pardise on the cliff edge where I would be now spending most of the next few months. Continue Reading →

Clockjack Oven

Clockjack Oven is a smart chicken rotisserie. You choose your chicken of choice whether it’s half, whole or in a bun, and then pick one or two accompanying extra salads.

Overall it’s a bit like a smarter, generous, homemade version of Nandos. A bit like them – but much better. Continue Reading →

Workshop Coffee Co.

I get quite excited about coffee shops and the new wave of ‘baristas’ that have leapt out of the last 5 years and are making coffee into art.

And I don’t just mean drawing a swan on my latte, I mean the entire background, process and tasting experiences we once only really associated with wine. Continue Reading →

Fera at Claridges

Last week I went to Claridges Hotel in London to eat in the restaurant that has replaced Gordon Ramsay’s Petruse – Simon Rogan’s Fera. Rogan is quite literally a vegetable genius. His restaurant L’eclume has 2 Michelin stars, and his other venture Roganic is well on its way to achieving the same. It will without a doubt not be long until latest opening Fera follows in Michelin pursuit. I’d bet my BBQ’d salad leaves on it Continue Reading →