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Ted Cat

I was probably about 5 years old. Walking home hand in hand with my mum from school, grazed knees and what at the beginning of the day had been a neat plait in my hair. Out of nowhere, mum let out a shriek, let go of my hand and ran ahead to something lying deadly still in the road. It was our beloved cat; Bill. Dead. Stone cold dead. Continue Reading →

Visit to the V spa

watermelon vagina

“Do you have any idea how distracting ‘Vagina Spa’ is as a phrase?”

Said my friend Anthony when I was telling him what my next article was going to be about. Apologies to the lucky friends who I have discussed this with, it was a bit like a weird lead up to Christmas for me, but to be honest it was so wild and mysterious┬áthat I had to share the anticipation with someone, and now I am frivolous enough to share it with the whole world apparently. Continue Reading →

Do’s and Don’ts of getting over a break-up.

Girl breathing underwater

Do’s and Don’ts of getting over a break-up (by a professional – me)

This is a bit of a wild fire post, and one I’ve thought about writing for a really long time and finally got round to. You could say it’s been years of heartbreak in the making, but now it is finally here in all it’s blood-spilled salty-pillowed glamour. Continue Reading →


I thought about you on the hospital bed. They wanted to take off the bandage. My hand stung as I held it out into the light… Continue Reading →

A trip away with Courvoisier Part #2 – Paris

After a most fantastic time in Jarnac, Cognac at the Courvoisier Chateau, seeing the beautiful French countryside and tasting the best cognac in the world, we didn’t think our weekend could possibly get any better… we were wrong.

We boarded the bus after lunch and so did our luggage, this meant only one thing – we were leaving Cognac. But where were we going now?
One of the lovely members of the Courvoisier team got to the front of the bus, took the mic and said ‘Right then you lot, who wants to go to Paris?!’

Continue Reading →

A trip away with Courvoisier Part #1 … The Chateau

A group of writers, bloggers and competition winners were asked to ‘take a leap of faith’ and drop everything for one weekend to do something totally spontaneous and par-take in a trip of which they knew nothing about other than they would be leaving the UK, and would need to bring their glad rags.. Continue Reading →

The Chilli Pickle, a review.

The Chilli Pickle is firmly placed at the top of the list of Brighton’s favourite restaurants. After relocating relatively recently to a large site on Jubilee Square, it’s booked up way in advance and I have never heard anything but good songs sung about it (Joe Lutrario, editor of Restaurant magazine, is having his wedding reception there, And Caitlin Moran even likes it: “Brighton spiced food information: last night we ate literally everything on the menu at Chilli Pickle and it was awesome.” Continue Reading →