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Clockjack Oven

Clockjack Oven is a smart chicken rotisserie. You choose your chicken of choice whether it’s half, whole or in a bun, and then pick one or two accompanying extra salads.

Overall it’s a bit like a smarter, generous, homemade version of Nandos. A bit like them – but much better.

Clockjack Oven @60secdine from 60secondreviews on Vimeo.

The chicken is tasty, and the sides were really good – Jim Beam Bourbon sweetcorn, double fried chips, and those salads… and it’s all served on lovely crockery – a nice added touch.

But what really sticks in the memory are the salads; roasted vegetables, panzanella, courgettes, quinoa, pine nuts and sultanas – everything you’d want and it was topped up once or twice while we were there, so kept nice and fresh.

There’s an attractive pre-theatre menu and a lunch offer which gets you some of that succulent chicken and salad for under a tenner. Not bad for the centre of London. Take aways are being encouraged too.

Now the room, it’s not winning any prizes for design, the blackboards are a bit ugly and the décor nothing special, but sitting in the window, open aired on a warm day was lovely, and the space is light and comfortable.

With a good range of beers and wines, this is a good value option for a night out with friends.




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