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Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh.
The most densely populated city in the world, in a country suffering unbelievable hardships from the effects of flooding, and what at the time seemed like creeping, inescapable poverty.
I took the following snaps wandering about in Dhaka, 11 years ago, a solo teenager with my Canon350D.
I’d spent the last few years working in my local Oxfam shop, which I’d trundle down to on the bus when I was done at college for the day.
I was supposed to only work Wednesdays, but never stuck to that. I think I preferred being there to what I was doing at college to be honest (photography).
I felt at home helping out there, working amongst people that didn’t quite fit in to society for whatever reason, meanwhile making up that exact society. It gave me a purpose and I felt safe and happy there, and like everything I did was worthwhile in an unexpected sort of way.
After a few years of Wednesdays, I was invited by Oxfam to go along on a communications & exposure tour – to Bangladesh. I was the youngest person to ever do one.
This trip spurred the start of a long love-hate-fear fuelled battle with travel, I was young, alone and couldn’t really handle myself and my anxiety. It’s been a long journey on that subject, but I guess looking back, it isn’t one that I would change.
Trials and tribulations. I was always inquisitive as to my place in society, and an avid analyst of mine and others communities.
I think these pics show that.
I will never, ever get tired of those little human exchanges between equally inquisitive ‘I want to learn about the faraway land you’ve come from’ eyes. A twinkly eye of excitement and a small shared curious smile in the face of a lot of shitty hardships.
I think it may be what I live, and certainly what I travel for. Human connection.


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