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Dinner at Davids

My brother-in-law David is the best cook I know, with the cruddest kitchen (he would admit). Like a phoenix rising from the ashes he works his magic on his 1970’s electric cooker and produces the best home made food I have ever tasted (sorry Mum)

His speciality is Indian food, although my Sister is pretty happy with anything he cooks to be honest. The magic coming from the kitchen of their Crawley flat is worth this blog post. I was invited over for a Moghul korma, based on Rick Stein’s recipe from the early book ‘Far Eastern Odyssey’. David fried up his onions and garlic

as the rose-water and saffron simmered in an adjacent pan, pink and beautiful.

Creamy yogurt marinaded chicken korma with pilau rice, made with rosewater, saffron and dry roasted poppy seeds served with an Indian salad, wholesome and damn fine.The korma was melt on the tongue good, and the pilau rice so well flavoured I could only dream of re-creating the same at home. The little processes  and patience to get food tasting this good can only come from someone with a real love of flavours. Tried and tested until perfect.

Hats off to David, he is so into his cooking, he won’t enter any competitions because he says he’s too competitive. I’ve got to give it to him, he’s fucking passionate about food.

Ps – No access to Photoshop right now, so wahey for HUGE pics!





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