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Drinking Aqua Riva tequila with Cleo Rocos

I love tequila. I love Cleo Rocos. I love Brighton. So this event with chums from Brighton Food Society I was ultra keen for.

Cleo has launched a super-tequila, it is totally pure, made from just Mexican agave and spring water, and it tastes delicious. Like I said I love tequila anyway, although have to be honest I enjoy tequila mostly towards the end of a night when I have been drinking a concoction of other drinks, and am too blurry eyed to tell what tequila I am ordering. From now on I will definitely be ordering Aqua riva. The idea of it being pure and natural really appealed to me, even if it was to get drunk on.

Cleo has brought out a book to match her tequila called ‘The Power of Positive Drinking‘, and it talks about how we now should be paying the same amount of attention to what we drink as what we eat, and how this can stop us waking up after a session feeling like ‘our head is in a small shoe’. If we are only choosing to put organic, fresh, additive-free food into our bodies, why are we not applying the same thought to our liquids? It made sense to me. What made even more sense was the idea that I could get totally off my face on tequila all night and feel great the next day.

It was a Wednesday, a school night, so I put it to the test. Apparently the pureness of the tequila would not only make us incredibly happy, but not give us a hangover. Now the important thing to remember about this is is that you (probably) don’t want to be doing neat shots all night, and so you would want to mix your tequila. It DOES matter what you put your tequila with, lacing it with lemonade or coke is just adding the sugar and chemicals you want to avoid. So we drank ours with freshly squeezed lime juice, ice and some organic agave syrup. Think natural. (all of which you can buy in Waitrose if you’d like to experiment at home)

It tasted great, I felt great and Cleo was great. I must of had about 7 tequilas and I can officially say that although I was tired for work the next day, I felt fine – hangover free and happy happy happy. I will definitely be choosing my tequila carefully from now on… and Cleo’s book is VERY funny and informative by the way, including fun information on all you need to drink happily and be the best drunk version of yourself you can be (takes lots of practice of course!…)



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  1. Steve says:

    Love your article and of course Cleo Rocos and her fabulous products…

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