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Meeting Mother Nature in Central America

My ambition to come to Central America and learn the salsa, dancing like Madonna in her La Isla Bonita video with sexy long haired latinos passing me around overhead in my racy red ruffle dress while I whisper sweet nothings to them in fluent Spanish hasn’t (quite) been realised yet, but there’s time. Also on the agenda are:


Currently I am living and working at a jungle lodge in the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, sharing my cabin with a nice french boy who has literally been in the kitchen cooking crepes the whole time I’ve been writing this.
I saw a sloth in the wild today, exactly the way I wanted to see it. It was far in the distance but it’s white little smiley painted-on-face was clear to see. If I don’t see another one while I am here, I will be happy that the one I saw was wild and free. Well, it was actually clinging on for dear life to a broken tree after the typhoon we had this morning, but that’s another story.. nature’s a bitch.
Now just to get a little closer to one and see if my mums theory that “I bet they stink” is correct.

Of course, things we fantasise and hope for never work out quite as we imagine do they. The weather hasn’t been great, it’s not stopped raining since I arrived, so the exploring has had to come to a bit of a halt for now. Actually to say the weather hasn’t been great is a bit of an understatement. A fucking TYPHOON ripped through the lodge at 4.45am this morning. And I am not being dramatic. I lay in bed not wanting to be the stupid white girl over-reacting to a bit of Caribbean wind, when 30 seconds later someone practically hammered my door down to get me to get out of the cabin, fast. Several trees in the jungle we coexist with fell, and one casa was completely uprooted when a tree was. I have never heard and felt nature as strongly as I did this morning, as I said, nature is a bitch and don’t you forget it or ever stop respecting it. It’s in fucking charge.
It was lucky no one was hurt or worse, and the physical damage was not great of course, but the trees were there first, we built around THEM. In a sadistic sort of way I enjoyed the reminder, the little reminder that I am small and a tree can crush me while I am sleeping. I am not invincible. I am not fundamental, in fact I am disposable. I thought about it and quickly decided I would much rather die that way than by something man created or was abusing.

Wildlife and nature is in abundance here, it’s leaping in your face, getting stuck on the bottom of your shoe, squawking in your ears, stinking like shit, making you smile and shake your head to yourself everywhere you go. From the little geckos clinging to your shampoo bottle in the shower, to a full pack of howler monkeys causing chaos in the trees and the sea turtles that have swam up shore and into the stinking rivers. I have got a sore neck from constantly looking up into the trees. The noises, colours and dances of nature is my entertainment, a natural theatre. I want to be, and am, outside all of the time. Alright I know I’m not fucking Mowgli, but this is really all I have ever wanted, to be outside as much as possible, seeing, feeling, sensitised, so I am happy I am doing it. I am pleased to be looking down on my mosquito bitten, bruised, mud splattered legs and feet, dirt in-between my toes, I am present, feeling the earth with nothing in-between my skin and it.

Today I sampled a delicious iced cappuccino from local coffee roasters Carribeans. It was strong, I won’t go into details. I am hoping to do a coffee and cacao bean tour soon, along with a visit to the nearby JAGUAR rescue centre…. JAGUARS! Scary shit.

I’ve hired a push bike, I am cruising around on it bare-feet with my unwashed hair and armpits. Bliss.

Speak soon mi amigos X

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