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It’s Soooo Hotttttt

What else could possibly be the title for my latest post than this? It has reached the mid – high 30’s and yesterday I challenged myself to go the whole day without saying ‘It’s sooo hottt’.. and lasted until 11am.

Festival season is in full swing here and it isn’t unusual to come out of the house and have to stop and wait 30 minutes for a series of jazzed up elephants to pass by, snacking on bananas and jack fruit handed to them by the neighbours.

It may be me but I just can’t get used to seeing an Indian elephant walk past me like it’s a dog or cat.. they are HUGE incredible animals, so calm and gracious for their size. One local elly was coming in to Soul & Surf for his shower before going on the festival ‘night shift’..

I haven’t written in a longgg time, and in this time I have also visited Sri Lanka and Vietnam, and am desperate to share my travel stories! Now wifi is available at my house, there will be no stopping me.

I have also been making the most of Kerala since my last post, and have paddle-boarded the backwaters which was incredible, and got involved in the temple festivals and parades. It never fails to amaze me how intricately beautiful and colourful the floats are, so much time and compassion has gone into their making.

It’s business as usual at Soul & Surf.. the café is busy and we are making some amazing mango-inspired delights as the mango season has just hit its peak, so mango milkshakes, juices & lassis are being whizzed up all over the place.

Another firm favourite as anyone who knows who has visited us, is our banana cashew crunch cake. Perfect with a mango lassi or a cup of masala chai, I thought I would share the recipe with you as I’m always being asked how to make it…

It’s coming on my next post v soon.

Our guests are enjoying the surf… and the soul on our rooftop yoga hut, and I am getting damn good at downward dog! Feels really good to be practicing yoga, swimming in the sea and living in the fresh air & sunshine, even though it is now reaching the highest highs of summer heat and walking anywhere in the mid-day sun is just crazy. The monsoon is beginning to creep in now and we are getting some amazing electric storms.

I am regularly eating my body weight in chicken fry and parotta bread, a Keralan staple – sort of like a much flakier buttery naan. Local specialities from the local restaurants are just awesome, amazing Indian dinners for a quid. How am I going to possibly be able to return to the UK and pay a tenner for a meal?! and more than £1.20 for a mojito?!








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