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Koya Bar, restaurant review

Koya Bar is Japanese fast-ish food London restaurant Koya’s littler, cooler sister. Or so I thought.

Koya Bar really does just consist of a bar, where you sit on little stools and watch the talented Japanese chefs cook your ramen noodles and miso.
For someone relatively new to Japanese food, I must admit I was a little daunted by Koya. I was handed a relatively short menu and was left to get on with it. I didn’t recognise hardly anything on the menu, and so ordered a duck dunbar in blind faith. Everyone else’s food looked great. After ordering I noticed a specials board, I would have liked a little more advice from my waitress.
My duck was served bloody, in a small bowl with some rice and spring onion shavings, it tasted OK, but the £13 price tag didn’t match the size or taste.
My Miso soup was also quite disappointing, with soggy tofu bobbing about like old bread in a duck pond.
Koya Bar felt to me like the bargain store version of original Koya, of which I’ve only heard great things about.
I don’t want to be mean, some of the food looked great, but that food wasn’t mine. I wish I had been given some advice on how to enjoy the whole experience better. Add to that the 12 1/2 % service charged slapped on the bill and I left feeling a bit cheated.
If you go, be sure to ask for help from your waitress, and you’ll enjoy the experience a whole lot better.

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