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MEATLiquor Brighton

‘Come hungry,leave drunk.’

That’s MEATLiquor’s strap line, and I’m not sure about most people but my experience was more like ‘Get the meat sweats after one bite and leave drunk and still sweating’. Add a headache to that too because the lights are so dim and the music’s so loud. It is like being inside a pinball machine. All this aside though, I actually did really enjoy MEATLiquor. It feels like it was made for Brighton, it fits in so well even though it is on a slightly dubious area of London Road- is that a real dead hippie in my burger?! MEATLiquor as most people know however, actually started in London, and is doing so well they have branched out. They’ve tried to keep in theme with being at the seaside and the Brighton menu features a few fishy additions. Unlikely to be fresh.

It’s basically a burger, meat, American naughty meaty grubby concept, and is a bit like eating your dinner in a nightclub. You can sneakily find a dark booth or corner, order a dirty burger, a load of chicken wings and some chilli fries, sweat it out and wash it down with a few cocktails and no one will know about it… or so I’m told… by a friend…

Not ideal if you’re on your lunch break however, a visit to MEATLiquor shows on your face, I don’t know how, it just does.

The prices are quite reasonable, and the cocktails are pretty good. If you fancy taking a trip to the shady part of town I recommend a visit. Be aware that MEATLiquor don’t take reservations, it’s a queuing system, which is fine if it isn’t too busy (wasn’t when I was there at 11am)

Enjoy !

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