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A blog of sweet treats and tasty thoughts

Touring a moon-aligned-volcanic-soil coffee farm, Panama.

Cafés de la Luna Coffee Farm, Boquete, Panama


Now I know the title of this post is pretentious as hell, and really, I don’t mean to be ‘that girl’, but I do bloody love coffee, and if you do too, I hope you will enjoy this post. Yes I’m the type of loser that carries around a cafetiére mug and my own coffee in my backpack when travelling. To take it even further I even WASH myself in coffee daily using a coffee coconut sugar scrub I make with the grounds from my morning coffee. Cappuccino shower ! Told you I was a loser. Wanna be in my gang? Continue Reading →

Meeting Mother Nature in Central America

My ambition to come to Central America and learn the salsa, dancing like Madonna in her La Isla Bonita video with sexy long haired latinos passing me around overhead in my racy red ruffle dress while I whisper sweet nothings to them in fluent Spanish hasn’t (quite) been realised yet, but there’s time. Continue Reading →

Death by soufflé; A Parisian tragedy

Bonjour, it’s me again, still in France, but this time I’m bothering that little suburb called Paris.

Now as most of you will know, being Cornish it doesn’t come naturally to me to feel comfortable being anywhere but down South, but, I shit you not, here I am, having a good time and everything, up here in CENTRAL France. Continue Reading →

Barge Lyf

With England going to dog shit after Brexit was announced, I thought now was a better time than usual to do what I normally do and get the hell out of the country.

It was also anyway perhaps time to start working on my ‘move to the South of France, marry a man named Benoit and get a truffle dog’ life long aspiration. After all if we leave the EU, I’m going to have to get married quite quickly. Continue Reading →

Bajan Booty

Ahhhhh the Caribbean.
I’ve travelled a bit and seen quite a few beaches, but the Caribbean’s idea of ‘Paradise Beach’ I’m pretty sure is on top. White sand, see-straight-to-the-bottom calm turquoise waters and – take note Asia – mostly rubbish free coastlines.

Don’t get me wrong I will always look back fondly on my time on the coast in Kerala, India, and how I would happily just bob about in the brown sea with various plastic containers, shoes and once even a dead dog for company. Continue Reading →

Visit to the V spa

watermelon vagina

“Do you have any idea how distracting ‘Vagina Spa’ is as a phrase?”

Said my friend Anthony when I was telling him what my next article was going to be about. Apologies to the lucky friends who I have discussed this with, it was a bit like a weird lead up to Christmas for me, but to be honest it was so wild and mysterious that I had to share the anticipation with someone, and now I am frivolous enough to share it with the whole world apparently. Continue Reading →

Do’s and Don’ts of getting over a break-up.

Girl breathing underwater

Do’s and Don’ts of getting over a break-up (by a professional – me)

This is a bit of a wild fire post, and one I’ve thought about writing for a really long time and finally got round to. You could say it’s been years of heartbreak in the making, but now it is finally here in all it’s blood-spilled salty-pillowed glamour. Continue Reading →

That Gypsy Lyf

There’s a breath of something new in the crowded Canggu café air.
Bonjour and welcome Gypsy Bali!

Another café! you sarcastically cheer, yep, well this ones a little different, with a little more personality and a little more diversity on its short and fresh menu. Continue Reading →

Café Cruising in Canggu

Here I am in Canggu, Bali.

Let’s get this out of the way quickly, why is everyone in Canggu so impossibly good looking? Is it the Kombucha juice? The sunset Bintangs? The gold facials?

If there was a town or village that had managed to coin the phrase ‘casually coiffed’ it’s Canggu. Continue Reading →

Working in the red light district, Kolkata.

Telling my dad that I was going to work in the red light district of Kolkata was one of the more interesting and tense conversations I’ve had with him in my not too long adult life.

Of course I’m going on to say that the work I am doing here in Kolkata doesn’t involve me selling my body, but it does very much involve prostitution. And the fortunate yet unfortunate thing about that is, I have had the right to choose what I do with my body, because, after all, it is mine. The women I have come in contact with during my stay here, haven’t been so ‘fortunate’. Continue Reading →