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The Rib Man – London Baby!

The rib man is quite a character – probably not the expected poster boy for the food industry, but now I’ve got that out of the way I can talk about his delicious ribs and heart of gold.
I went to visit him on one of his many pop-up sites at Petticoat Lane market.

And I can confirm, no lie, that it was the best meat I have ever tasted.

The Rib Man – Mark –  a butcher since he was 15- claims to make the best ribs in London, and I think he is without a doubt in the running for this title. Barbecued for 24 hours in a Dalston car park, people travel far and wide to come and buy his street food, one person all the way from Italy he joyfully tells me. He is modest with his success though and talks in a way that’s very humbling like he is endlessly grateful for people eating and telling.

I tried the famous baby back ribs shredded in a bun – this is the way he’s making them now, much easier to eat on the go! The rib man’s sauces are perhaps making even more of a name for him then his meat, and you can buy them on his website. Try the Holy Fuck Hot Sauce if you’re brave enough, or the Christ on a Bike if you’re actually insane.


Get down and see him while he’s still on the streets for the authentic experience as he is beginning to take over local pubs as I speak…

See the Rib Man in action when I saw him at Petticoat Lane in the 60secondreview:

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