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On the roof with Q, Oxford Circus

Camden grill restaurant ‘Q’ has arrived at the roof of Selfridges for the summer and aims to be the number one alfresco pop up in London.  I have to admit this pop-up is really impressive. Strutting through Selfridges department store and getting in the lift straight to the roof, met by freshly laid grass, open-air tables, deck chairs in the sunshine and glasses of prosecco and strawberries. And all this bang in the middle of Oxford Circus. It’s quiet though – too high up to hear the bustle of the sweaty high street shoppers below.

What gets me quite excited about this pop-up is the fact that this roof wasn’t used for anything before, it was just a roof. So setting foot on never-before trodden roof top territory is somewhat exciting. Especially when it’s the world-famous Selfridges store. They’ve done a really good job of kitting the place out. It’s mainly open-air, but there are over-head shutters that come across in parts so you can stay in the shade or safe from rain if needs be.

The grass, foliage and decor has been done tastefully, and feels like a secret little garden spot in the centre of London. The food matches the space – really well presented dishes, and no stingy portions either. It’s also not too expensive – if you pick wisely you get a lot for your money. I went for a salt beef sandwich, with deep-fried pickles and a fried egg. It was delicious.

We nearly left without trying dessert, what a mistake that would have been! The desserts here are just incredible, do NOT leave without trying one. They are a bit more then you would usually pay for a dessert, (around £8) but trust me they’re worth it. I had the white chocolate & strawberry ‘cigar’, and my friend the salt caramel tart. Presented beautifully (the prettiest desserts I’ve ever seen), one even had a little crunchy sugar frosted flower – real care and detail.

Take a friend who works in central London up there for a small piece of calm (and a glass of prosecco).. There until September 27th. Pack your suncream and GO!


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Find out more and book a table for On the Roof with Q here.

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