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Rukgala Retreat AKA paradise, Sri Lanka.

I have oh so modestly coined this boutique hotel adorning the side of a cacti covered rock just outside of Kandy ‘paradise’.
Of course there is always trouble in paradise, but this place does a pretty good job of never letting any show. Ten perfect air-conditioned bedrooms, all of them the sort you would happily leave your husband and children for to live in permanently, a view to make your eyes water, a vegan offering you’d seriously consider this time actually giving up meat for and a jungly yoga shala that’s probably fit for Pocahontas.

What I like the most about this place is you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere with no one bothering you, while still being actually pretty connected- with Kandy just a 45 minute tuk tuk jolt away.

I like to get wet when I’m on holiday, and although being bulls-eye centre of Sri Lanka here at Rukgala, there are at least two let’s get wet opportunities right on the wooden decked doorstep; the pool and the glorious (crocodile free) Victoria lake.

Whether you come here on an outside organised ‘retreat’, or simply show up for some well-bloody-deserved peace and quiet for a few nights and submerge in the in-house yoga, small culinary miracles and wild lake swimming, you won’t wanna leave.

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