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The Rum Kitchen, Soho

Spicy food, laid back Caribbean style décor, funky staff and rum rum rum! That’s what you will mainly be getting at The Rum Kitchen, as well as a hangover.

This place was ticking every box for me before I’d even seen inside. Rum is my old time friend, and I love my food spicy and fruity.

The room is larger than you’d expect, lots of bleached and coloured driftwood, flashing lights, colourful signs and a of course a bar stacked with rum. This place would be perfect for a birthday party, something for everyone.

The menu provoked some ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhhs’, and even though it’s quite short I really found it hard to choose what to eat. Choices included the usual suspects of jerk chicken and bbq ribs, and some more interesting dishes like curried mutton roti , soft shell crab burgers and pineapple chilli ‘slaw. In an Indian restaurant you expect to see an Indian chef, and the same in a Chinese, so it was a little disappointing to not see a Caribbean chef here, but the food hit the spot anyway even if you did question its authenticity.
The homemade sauces were delicious – definitely try the BBQ & rum.

The staff were charming in an endearing, fun, unpolished service kind of way – exactly what you want in this kind of casual set-up.

The cocktail list is great- I really liked my lemon sherbet rum. The Notting Hill Rum Kitchen has a sort of rum cellar bar underneath the restaurant which adds some extra fun.

It’s not winning any awards for major originality, it does have a bit of a chain feel to it, but I’d definitely go back.
I can see this concept being rolled out and going down a storm all over the country,  which is a coincidence, because I’m told that’s the plan…
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You can watch my 60secondreview of The Rum Kitchen here:

The Rum Kitchen @60secdine from 60secondreviews on Vimeo.

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