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That Gypsy Lyf

There’s a breath of something new in the crowded Canggu café air.
Bonjour and welcome Gypsy Bali!

Another café! you sarcastically cheer, yep, well this ones a little different, with a little more personality and a little more diversity on its short and fresh menu.

The first thing you’ll notice is the slick and clean yet characterful feel of the place, largely down to the brilliant choice of staff.
Meet Bongky, well you probably already have actually on one of his many nights out in the infamous Canggu haunts. Those dreads, that face…

Gypsy Bali Canggu


Also on the A team is Decky, Canggu’s no.1 barista. Fixing up your caffeine needs with style. Will you get an owl a peacock or a UNICORN on your coffee? I’m collecting them all.

Gypsy Bali Canggu


Gypsy Bali Canggu
















Next shout out is to Robin, Gypsy’s French Canadian head chef. Reaching over the big pond straight from a 2 Michelin star restaurant in Paris, prior to that Laurea restaurant in Montreal. Robin makes the trip every morning to Jimbaran fish market to pick up what’s fresh, and often his daily specials revolve around what he’s found that morning. Field to plate is his motto, mess with the food less, and let the raw ingredients do the taste bud talking.

The next thing you may notice about Gypsy is it is open for dinner as well as breakfast and lunch. Hallelujah! Somewhere to finally go for your afternoon heat induced Bali slump. You may even be treated to a little music from Bongky on the ukelele. On my visit there was a row of excitable Indonesian ladies sat at the bar watching him, hands clasped together, eyes wide like watery love-filled saucers.

So enough about all of that, what was the food actually like?

There’s no burritos, tacos or burgers on this menu. No apologies. It’s all light sexy summer food, coriander, basil, lemon and fresh fresh fresh flavours.

I sampled the green pea and the corn soup, presented beautifully with a scattering of popcorn on top, fun and triple freshhhh.
Tuna tartare with avocado yogurt went down a dream, as did the health hitting Green Juice. And that was the key thing about this place, everything I tried felt wonderfully indulgent but in a light and perfectly executed health boosting way. Room for ice cream!

5 out of 5.

Gypsy Bali Canggu Gypsy Bali Canggu Gypsy Bali Canggu Gypsy Bali Canggu




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