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The Well Hung Meat Co. cooks for Brighton Food Society

The latest Brighton Food Society get together involved some very special visitors, the men behind The Well Hung Meat Company were travelling up from Devon to introduce us to their, well, meat.

On arrival we were treated to an interesting if not slightly innuendo filled video presentation of who The Well Hung Meat Co were, and what they offered.

They work with several Devonshire organic farmers, and prepare all the meat by hand, no machinery involved. They have clear values when it comes to the sourcing and prep of their meat, which is sold online through their website in delivery boxes of varied descriptions. So after hearing on the introduction tape that one lady ‘couldn’t wait for her Well Hung package to arrive every week’, it was time to get tasting.

Now I’m not a food snob, and to be honest I didn’t really think I would be able to set this meat apart from the rest by my under experienced taste-buds alone, but I was wrong. The opening platter of cured meats alone was different to most I have tasted before, this was no cellophane’d Tesco’s Continental pack! It smelt like farms and cattle, like it should. Fennel salami being the highlight for me. Second course was a generous helping of beef carpaccio with some garlic buttered green beans. A lot of red meat to ingest, but a beautiful, raw, natural flavour. The main course was lamb rubbed in zatar spice with a lovely potato salad by none other than Andy Lynes, beautiful meat, slightly overcooked for my liking but none the less beautiful.

Brighton Food Society dinners are brilliant fun- lucky enough to have The Well Hung Meat Co providing the meat, and PIWOSA the wine, the lovely little lemon posset dessert was made by our host for the evening, Matthew from Flourtown Bakery. He very kindly let us use his sweet little bakery/café for our meal. To finish (apart from more wine) was a selection of beautiful cheeses from The Well Hung Meat Co, that are also available to buy from them. If my description of the meat alone doesn’t tempt you, then let me say they were incredibly lovely people, who were clearly very enthusiastic about the quality of what they produce, and with more rabbit that Sainsbury’s!

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Pol Roger

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