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I thought about you on the hospital bed. They wanted to take off the bandage. My hand stung as I held it out into the light…

The first time our hands met it felt warm, safe, can I say it… Permanent. We climbed on the loose stones, right to the top. When the time was right I reached out my fingers to meet yours, the ocean shining like spinning sapphires under our fingers…

I took a deep breath and let them unravel my hand. Iodine to disinfect the bad stuff away. The corners of my eyes watered as I looked up.

The clouds moved quickly in the sky, the air was fresh and cool that day we climbed to the very very top, as far as we could go, reach, the wind played with our hair.

We both let go.

The hospital corridor moves quickly under my bare feet. My hand throbs, burns, wants to leave me.


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