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Workshop Coffee Co.

I get quite excited about coffee shops and the new wave of ‘baristas’ that have leapt out of the last 5 years and are making coffee into art.

And I don’t just mean drawing a swan on my latte, I mean the entire background, process and tasting experiences we once only really associated with wine.

Workshop Coffee Co. @60secdine from 60secondreviews on Vimeo.

Not only does Workshop Coffee Co in Clerkenwell have a beautiful 2 floor coffee shop with the most friendly and passionate baristas working behind a statement of a bar, it has it’s own ‘workshop’. A fancy coffee roasting production line where you can see the beans being roasted and packaged for sale and consumption in their 4 London coffee shops and beyond.

As you can imagine this fills the space with the most inviting, warm coffee aromas.
The coffee wasn’t the only thing that smelt and tasted nice – the foods pretty good too. Serving all day (food only available in the Clerkenwell site)
There are some really great unusual breakfast and brunch options like a ham hock stack with sweet potato cake and a poached egg, or French toast Brioche with poached rhubarb, orange mascarpone and hazelnuts.
I went for the baked eggs with chorizo from the brunch menu. Served in a rustic terracotta clay pot and just delicious.

The coffee isn’t cheap, £3.20 for a latte, but you’re paying for the experience of trying something roasted in-house, and the staff are always eager to tell you all about the coffee- just ask one of the baristas they’re extremely well informed.

This place gets very busy – particularly on a weekend brunch time, so I’d recommend going in the week if you can. Take a paper, start with a coffee and some baked eggs and corn cakes in the window, then crack on to that great wine list…



Coffee beans for roasting

Coffee beans for roasting



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  1. Kim! This is so weird! I’ve been watching LOADS of 60secondreview videos lately as I’m currently doing some work for Guild of Fine Food & the Great Taste Awards and you guys did all their videos for the Top 50! Didn’t realise you worked there!
    Also, my previous employer has got a UX office right opposite Workshop (although it was called St Ali when I last went) and I used to stop in there for breakfast all the time!

    • kimiyeah says: (Author)

      Hi! Oh no way really? Yes I was production assistant filming all the Great Taste Vids! I ate all of those 50 foods haha. I work for 60secondreviews. How strange, they are based in Dorset aren’t they so makes sense. What are you doing for them? And yes love Workshop – we are based in Brighton though X

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